Robotic Equipment

S4A is an integrator of Fanuc, Denso, and Epson Robots for Part Assembly and Material Handling.

Robotic Door Trim Assembly Machine:

S4A designed and built Robotic Assembly Machine. Manual load, Auto unload, 8 Station Walking Beam Transfer utlizing Epson Robots for Assembly Operations.

Robotic Blast Cell:

S4A designed and built System for handling aluminum blocks during sand blasting operation. Auto load and unload, Material Handling Cell utilizing 3 Fanuc M-900 Series Robots.

Robotic Dial Machine:

S4A designed and built Robotic Dial Assembly Machine. Robotic load and unload, 8 Station Dial Assembly Machine utilizing Roll Form Tapping, Smart Press, Screw Feed and Torque, and Denso Robots.

CMM Integration with CNC Autocomp:

S4A designed and built Inspection Machine. Robot load and unload, dual station CMM machine utlizing Denso Robots and Mitutoyo CMM Machines with S4A designed automatic offset to a Fanuc controlled CNC Machine.

Robotic Auto Load:

S4A Integrated Robotic System to change a machine from Manual Load to Automatic Load. Resulted in decreased cycle time, and increased system through put utilizing Fanuc Robots.

Robotic Lathe Load:

S4A Integrated Robotic System to de-pallitize RV brake hubs and Auto Load/Unload Lathes utilizing Fanuc Robots.

Assembly Machines

Test Machines


Material Handling